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Hi, my name is Sarah Distel. I'm a photographer, stylist, food enthusiast and a developer of innovative lifestyle concepts. I graduated in Lifestyle & Design with a specialization in photography at the Willem The Kooning Academy (2013).

My work aims to show natural beauty infused with pure simplicity and a strong sense of aesthetics. I focus on capturing a moment in time, whether it's food, lifestyle imagery, a love story or just the perfect light.


Cottoncake, SMPL skin, Rituals Cosmetics, Rituals yoga video productions, Creative Chef, Boomerang Create, Samsung, MYLK amsterdam, Afra Amba, Abel Odor, Restaurant Blauw, Monocrafft x J. Colby Smith, Naomi Rachel Timan, Chris van den Elzen, Judith van Vliet, Merle Noir, Daphny Raes, Amber Ambrose Aurele, Wave International, BioToday, Bo Nam, Salon Le Souk, The creative shopkeeper, Restaurant Florent, Elle Eten, Hutspot, Abbot Kinneys, Food Creations Company, The White Door Studio.

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Do you have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you and to create something beautiful together. You can book me as photographer, stylist, recipe developer, trainer and concept creator. Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi.

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